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Solar-X Heat-Reflective Auto Glass

Solar-X heat-reflective automobile glass is infrared reflecting-coating laminated glass (patent No. 2006 2 0059916.5) which is developed by Xinyi Glass and is manufactured relying on the most advanced equipment and technology at present. This product is formed when the surface of high-quality semi-finished clear float glass is plated with many layers of metallic oxides through vacuum magnetron and cathode sputtering method before it is subject to hot bending and lamination.

Advantage of Solar-X Heat-Reflective Automobile Glass

- Compared with traditional automobile glass, Solar-X heat-reflective automobile glass enjoys a number of excellent properties.

Outstanding heat resistance

The unique LOW-E coated layer of Solar-X can effectively prevent solar radiant heat from reaching the insides of automobiles, so as to reduce the load on automobile air-conditioners and reduce energy consumption. The superexcellent shading coefficient of Solar-X enables it to be 38% more heat resistant than common automobile glass.

Excellent transmittance

Solar-X automobile glass not only has good heat insulation function, but also guarantees excellent visible light transmittance. Its most appropriate natural light transmittance ensures there is a clear view in the driving cab to look at the outside. The visible light transmittance is kept within the standard range of 70%~75%, which improves the visual comfort so that the sun becomes no longer glaring.

Good solar control function

Unique Low-E coated layer of Solar-X also has good ability to reflect solar energy. It can control sunlight to some extent without causing “light pollution”. The solar energy reflection ability of Solar-X is 15% more powerful than that of common automobile glass.

Beautiful apparent color

The appearance of solar-X automobile glass taken on the color of light purple (rosy) which appears more luxurious than that of traditional automobile glass.

Good strength and durability

The Low-E coating and materials on the internal surface of Solar-X front automobile laminated glass ensures the firmness and durability of film as well as avoids the costs incurred for repeated filming in the case of common automobile glass and performance failure.

Compliance with standards on spectrally selective glass

Glass whose light to solar gain (LSG) is larger than 1.25IS is defined by the standards set by Department of Energy as spectrally selective glass. The LSG of Solar-X automobile glass is 1.73 while the LSG of common front automobile glass is 1.13.

Performance of Solar-X Heat-reflective Automobile Glass

Product Structure Visible light % Solar energy (infrared ray) % Shading coefficient (SC)
Transmissivity Reflectivity Transmissivity Reflectivity
2.0 white glass coating/0.76PVB/2.0 green glass 71 10 41 20 0.61
2.0 white glass coating/0.76PVB/2.0 white glass 76 11 52 23 0.7
2.0 green glass/0.76PVB/2.0 green glass 79 7 48 5 0.72
2.0 white glass/0.76PVB/2.0 green glass 84 8 61 5 0.82
2.0 white glass/0.76PVB/2.0 white glass 89 8 79 7 0.96
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